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Global Success: ACG Parnell's 2023 Leavers Shine on the World Stage

The 2023 academic year at ACG Parnell was a landmark period, showcasing the exceptional achievements of our students as they transitioned to higher education. The 2023 leavers’ destinations reflect the hard work, dedication, and high-quality education provided at our institution, reinforcing ACG Parnell as a premier school for those aspiring to study overseas.

2023 Leavers

Our graduates have secured placements at some of the most prestigious universities worldwide, underscoring their academic excellence and diverse interests. We are exceptionally proud that several students have been accepted into the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, where they will pursue degrees in disciplines such as Law, Medicine, and Engineering. This remarkable achievement highlights the calibre of education and preparation our students receive.

Additionally, a significant number of our graduates have gained entry to top Ivy League schools, including Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. These students will continue their academic journeys in fields such as Political Science, Computer Science, and Economics, further cementing our reputation for fostering high-achieving individuals ready to excel in competitive environments.

A notable statistic from this year is that 43% of our 2023 Year 13 leavers are taking up places at overseas universities. This figure highlights the considerable growth in the number of our students choosing to study overseas and gaining entry to top universities around the world. The most popular destinations for our graduates are Australia, the USA, and the UK, with the USA showing the greatest growth. This year, 14% of our leavers are attending US universities, affirming the high regard in which Cambridge qualifications are held throughout the world. 

Our commitment to supporting students in their quest for global educational opportunities is evident in the placements at leading universities beyond the UK and the US. Institutions like the University of Toronto and McGill University in Canada have welcomed our graduates, who are set to explore a variety of disciplines within their esteemed programs. Similarly, the National University of Singapore will host several of our students, known for its rigorous STEM programs.

One of the significant contributors to these outstanding achievements is the support provided by our specialist University Placement Advisor, Catherine Enright. Catherine's expertise and guidance have been instrumental in helping our students navigate the complex university application processes, ensuring they are well-prepared and confident in their choices. Her dedicated support has empowered our students to secure spots at some of the world's most prestigious institutions, underscoring the importance of personalised assistance in achieving academic success.

The success of our 2023 leavers is also reflected in the numerous scholarships and awards they have received. Many students have been granted substantial academic scholarships from their chosen universities, recognizing their exceptional academic records and potential. Additionally, subject-specific awards in Mathematics, Sciences, and the Humanities highlight the proficiency and passion of our students in these areas.

Another key factor in our students' success is the strong focus on extra-curricular activities at ACG Parnell, led by James Anderson, our Extra-Curricular Director. With a total of 86 student-led clubs, our students have ample opportunities to develop and demonstrate leadership qualities, which significantly enhance their university applications.

As Principal Damian Watson notes: “Our students continue to perform exceptionally well, and we are proud of our students’ efforts as they strive to achieve their personal best. Gaining strong results in Cambridge examinations, combined with involvement in the extra-curricular and leadership opportunities on offer at ACG Parnell, certainly opens doors for our students to pursue their dreams either in New Zealand or abroad. They have proven that they can perform at the highest level in internationally recognised exams, which provides confidence that they will continue to excel with their tertiary studies.”
The achievements of our students in securing placements at some of the world’s most prestigious universities underscore our commitment to providing a world-class education that prepares them for the global stage. ACG Parnell continues to be an ideal school of choice for families seeking a strong foundation for their children's aspirations to study overseas. Our comprehensive curriculum, dedicated faculty, and supportive environment ensure that our students are well-equipped to excel in the competitive landscape of higher education.

As our alumni embark on their new academic journeys, we celebrate their achievements and look forward to their future successes. The 2023 leavers’ destinations summary is a testament to the academic excellence fostered at ACG Parnell, and we remain committed to nurturing the next generation of global leaders.