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Harmonious Triumph: ACG Strathallan Musicians Shine at Tauranga Jazzfest

The Tauranga Jazzfest, a celebration of music and talent, took place from March 23rd to April 1st, 2024, where the Strathallan Jazz Band showcased their exceptional talent and dedication to jazz music.

ACG Strathallan Musicians Shine at Tauranga Jazzfest

The journey for these musicians began in 2018, with a small group of four music students under the guidance of passionate teacher, Mr. Joshua McKay. Over the years, this group has grown in both size and skill, culminating in an impressive showing at this year's Tauranga National Youth Jazz Competition.

Led by their devoted teacher, the group, now consisting of 30 students spread across three bands, entered the competition with determination and passion. Their hard work paid off handsomely, as they secured three gold medals and two prestigious national titles.

A standout performer from the group was Strathallan student Minho, who not only contributed significantly to the band’s success but also received individual recognition with two special awards: Best Young Arranger and Best Overall Performer in a Jazz Combo. His talent and dedication exemplify the spirit of the group and highlight the bright future ahead for these young musicians.

Jazz fest

For teacher Mr McKay, this journey has been about more than just winning awards. It has been an opportunity to lead and grow the music department at ACG Strathallan, creating a nurturing and challenging environment for students to thrive. He is immensely proud of the achievements of the students and grateful for the chance to be a part of their musical journey.

As they look to the future, the entire group are excited for the next challenge. They are eager to continue growing a love for music and excellence, ensuring that the legacy of passion and dedication they have built continues to inspire the next generation of musicians at ACG Strathallan.