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20 • 01 • 2020
ACG Schools

Stellar results from top Cambridge scholars at ACG Parnell College

Building on their first-class reputation for academic performance, ACG Parnell College students have once again achieved outstanding results in the 2019 Cambridge International examinations.

Top scholar and ACG Founders Scholarship recipient, Sidhaarth Kumar received A* results (90% and above) in all three of his A Level subjects – Biology, Chemistry and Further Mathematics. When combined with the two A* grades he received in A Level Physics and Mathematics as a Year 12 student in 2018, Sidhaarth has now earned an extraordinary five A* results in five different subjects. 

“Five A*s – I was beyond ecstatic to end high school on such a positive note. Reflecting at the end of this very transformative chapter in my life, I can only attribute my academic results to consistent hard work and a strong support system at Parnell College,” says Sidhaarth. “These marks have opened countless opportunities to study in world-renowned institutions, enabling me to get closer to my career goals.”

Sidhaarth’s formidable work ethic and strong academic background will see him fulfil his long-standing ambition to attend one of the world’s top universities. After receiving unconditional offers from both the University of Oxford and the Imperial College of London, his coming academic challenges will soon have a distinctly English flavour.

Huge congratulations are also due to 2019 Head Girl, Tessa Barker. Recognised for academic excellence with ACG Parnell College’s Cambridge Dux Award, Tessa achieved exceptional A* results in all four of her A Level subjects – History, Biology, Chemistry and English Literature.

“I think I was especially excited to receive these grades because even though I felt prepared for my exams, I was always a little wary of the chance of poor performance on the day affecting the efforts I had made throughout the year,” explained Tessa. “I now feel reassured that as long as you prepare well and look after yourself during exam time, then bad exam luck can’t completely undo all the work you’ve done.”

Tessa is now turning her focus to tertiary studies at the University of Auckland, where she is about to start a Bachelor of Law conjoint with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in psychology and literature. She has also applied for scholarships to two overseas universities however recipients won’t be announced until later in 2020.

ACG Parnell College Principal, Russell Brooke, believes these results are well deserved and clearly reflect the hard work and positive approach of both students.

“Sidhaarth and Tessa had a wonderful attitude towards their studies and their school experience as a whole. Not only did they embrace academic challenges, but they also immersed themselves in the full life of our school and made the most of every opportunity. They are great role models for our younger students, showing them the pathway to future success.”

About Cambridge
Recognised around the world as evidence of academic achievement, thousands of students are accepted to leading universities across the globe with Cambridge International Advanced Subsidiary Levels (AS Levels) and Advanced Levels (A Levels). The curriculum provides students with the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of their respective subjects while building independent thinking skills.