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Students make their mark with ‘rooftop’ mural

Prefects have created a mural in the basement of Senior Campus for current and future students to make their mark on the new campus.


It’s part of a wider project to develop a common room space in which students can spend their free time and breaks.

Prefects from the Wellness Committee and wider group came together to facilitate the creation of the space, including laying flooring and installing furniture as well as planning the mural.

“We put out a suggestion box, had a round of voting to determine the name of the space, and we’ve invited students to help paint the mural,” said head girl Tessa Barker. “We hope it will not only be a means for the students to make the building their own, but will also serve as a reminder for future years to make their mark on the culture of the school.”

Ironically entitled The Rooftop, the mural in the basement depicts a skyline. Prefects painted the sky and buildings and left the rest to other students to get creative. So far they’ve added dragons, flowers, Mario and tiny characters in windows, with a lot of space left to fill.

“We want the mural to be as colourful and creative as possible- a reflection on the diversity and creativity of our student cohort. Our hope is that future groups of prefects will add to the mural and the space every year,” Tessa said.

The common room space will be completed over the next few weeks.