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14 • 06 • 2020
ACG Strathallan

“There are so many aspects that appeal to us about ACG Strathallan”

Education is a gift that can never be taken away. That’s why parents will often move heaven and earth to ensure their children have access to a school that will help them reach their potential.

Xueping (Anna) Feng wanted to make sure her eleven-year-old son Zhichun (Gian) was given every educational opportunity and soon discovered ACG Strathallan fulfilled all her needs. Gian joined the school’s Year 7 cohort at the beginning of 2020, and Anna couldn’t be more pleased with his progress. Especially as he was nominated by two of his subject teachers for the Principal’s Award for Term 1.

What do you consider to be the most important criteria when choosing a school?
The most important criteria for us is the motivation of the school offering and the academic atmosphere of the school. ACG Strathallan has a good reputation both in academic results and the amazing campus landscapes which are right for the growth of teenagers. So, we believe it is the right school for our son to gain knowledge and social skills.

What was it that appealed to you most about ACG Strathallan?
There are so many aspects that appeal to us about ACG Strathallan. The main one is the campaign where individual students can create their own personalised studying orientation. We have experienced this, and it is true – it is a perfect fit for my son, which gives Gian more confidence to overcome challenges in studying. The other one is the programme of extra-curricular activities – so many choices. No matter what you want, there are professional tutors to teach students to participate in activities at after-school time.

ACG Strathallan prides itself on supporting its students at all levels. How has this approach benefitted Gian?
I totally agree with that. I would like to say it deserves to be proud of itself. Every new international student enrolled at ACG Strathallan has to have an English test before they get their own timetable to attend classes, which means there is no necessary to worry about any difficulty for students. Take Gian as an example, the first time he had a science assessment, because of the isolation, he didn’t get the ideal score. But when he came back to school, the teacher gave us the material about the contents we missed and sent us an email to instruct how to catch up with others.

What changes have you seen in Gian since he started at ACG Strathallan?
Since Gian started at ACG, his English has improved a lot. For the first four weeks, he needed to do ESOL for the writing part. As Strathallan has English assessments every four weeks, after the first assessment, Gian was then moved to mainstream English class with local students. Now he has made such progress in mainstream English. As for his character, I feel that he is more outgoing and likes to work and study more than ever before. That is what we have been looking forward to.

What is Gian enjoying most at the school?
It is so hard to say which one is the most he likes, as he likes them all.