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Kindergarten – Year 13

AIS emphasises the development of each student’s academic ability and encourages well-rounded, confident individuals who aspire to achieve their potential.


Setting high expectations

On three purpose-built campuses, AIS Vietnam challenges students to set and meet high expectations of themselves. From Kindergarten (2 years) to Year 13, students are taught in English in state-of-the-art facilities under the guidance of highly qualified teachers.

Holistic opportunities

In addition to its focus on academic excellence, AIS Vietnam offers opportunities for sport, arts, music, public speaking and student leadership, preparing students for success at any of the world’s finest universities.

Top school in Vietnam

The School is now one of the top IB World Schools in Vietnam with over 1300 students from 40 different nationalities at 3 campuses in District 2.

World-class curriculum

No matter their cultural background and capabilities, students at AIS have access to a contemporary and comprehensive curriculum. By combining a rigorous curriculum, high expectations and an inquiry-based approach to teaching, students are encouraged and supported both to build their knowledge and, just as importantly, develop their critical thinking skills. Through using real-world experiences, our approach helps children demonstrate their understanding, thus ensuring learning is deeper and more sustained.

The AIS inquiry based approach (which includes the development of critical thinking) uses both direct instruction and facilitated learning. This ensures that learning is focused on children developing skills and acquiring knowledge that will assist them in becoming successful life-long learners. At all stages, students are encouraged to participate in the development of learning experiences and are challenged to hypothesise, reflect, question and test in order to construct their own understandings and thus gain further knowledge.

From the core programme and specialist subjects to the performing and visual arts, to sport, to the wide range of extra-curricular activities, especially in leadership, all lead by an expert, well-qualified and highly trained staff, our approach helps create happy, engaged learners in all aspects of their school life.

A word from the principal

"If you are looking for a transformative educational experience for your child in a secure and nurturing environment, built on a rich and challenging curriculum, then come and join us. No matter if you are student, parent or teacher, being part of the AIS community will make you feel part of something special."

Ms Davina McCarthy, Executive Principal 

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