School levels

At ACG Schools, we provide outstanding educational opportunities for students around the world.


Responsive learning

Preschools and early childhood education

The nurturing environment of our early childhood centres give children confidence, life skills and the educational foundations they need to successfully transition to primary school.

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Personalised attention from experienced teachers

Primary school

Our curriculum focuses on developing students into independent and confident learners with researching and problem-solving skills, setting them up for a successful transition into their College years.

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Preparing for university and future success


Our college’s reputation as top academic schools is well-known, but there is much more to us than just academics. We provide our students with extensive opportunities in sports, music, and the arts.

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Amazing learning experience

International students

ACG Schools offers an outstanding education for students from around the world, ranging from preschool to College. This is how we create bright futures for each of our students.

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